Terms and Conditions

  1. To be eligible to enter the awards, your business must first comply with either of the following: Retail or Service business with 40 employees or less - Manufacturing business with 100 employees or less.
  2. The nominated business must have a woman as an owner or at least 50% ownership.
  3. Eligibility is based on the number of equivalent full-time positions within the business. (80 staff who work half a week each, is equal to 40 full time positions).
  4. Businesses may enter in only one award category and the optional Entrepreneur. Each business may only enter one Entrepreneur category.
  5. Businesses may enter a woman in either Champion Influential Woman or Champion Woman Icon categories.
  6. Businesses in the New Business category must be in operation for less than 2 years.
  7. If an entrant selects more than one category judges have the right to determine the most applicable category without notification or consultation.
  8. Entries may be transferred without notification or consultation to another category if the judges believe an entrant would be more appropriately assessed in that category.
  9. Judges have the right to either create additional categories or delete categories, depending on entries received.
  10. An independent judging panel from a variety of industries will judge all entries.
  11. Judges have the right to either accept or decline entries as finalists and this will be determined by an initial grading of entries.
  12. All judges score sheets and notes will be destroyed on the determination of finalists and winners. Judges' comments are confidential and will not be disclosed.
  13. The decision of the judging panel is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  14. Unsuccessful and successful Finalists will be notified via email.
  15. Businesses must operate in Australia and hold a current ABN number.
  16. Entries are catalogued and are treated in confidence.
  17. Information provided by the business may be used for promotional purposes. Information that is confidential must be clearly marked.
  18. Award Partners and Precedent Productions have access to the entire finalist database and may use this at their discretion. You must notify in writing to Precedent Productions should you require your information be kept confidential.
  19. In the situation of a change in business name, every effort will be made to accommodate, however, there will be no guarantees due to the program's requirements.
  20. Entries must be provided via the online entry form.
  21. Entries will not be accepted via email or mail.
  22. Once entries have been received, information cannot be changed or added.
  23. Precedent Productions and the partners of the awards accept no liability regarding any loss of patent rights or commercial returns arising from participating in the Australian Small Business Women's Champion Awards.
  24. The Young Entrepreneur must be 30 years of age and under to be eligible.
  25. Entry is free.
  26. Precedent Productions takes no responsibility for the publishing of information in media outlets and websites.
  27. All entries must include a photograph for each category entered.
  28. Winners will be announced at the presentation evening and the trophy only be accepted on stage by the owners or managers of the business.
  29. Should a winning business be unavailable to attend the presentation evening, the Champions trophy will be available to be collected at your cost from the Precedent Productions office within two weeks of the presentation evening. Alternatively, a cost of $250.00 will be incurred for the postage + handling of the winning trophy and promotional material.