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Steve Loe

I would like to extend a warm welcome to the 2024 Australian Women's Small Business Champion Awards. Now is the time to showcase and honor the impressive work of women in small business!

Women are leaving their mark throughout Australia and contributing to the positive future of small business in many sectors and industries. The creation of this program aims to provide the opportunity for all women with rich experiences from different professions to be awarded the recognition they deserve on a national level.

Our vision is to celebrate and inspire the innovative, confident, balanced, and dynamic side of each woman, leading towards excellence and success in their chosen field.

We would like to express our gratitude to our partners and supporters. We trust that this year's awards program will continue to cement its presence as an important institution honoring Australian women in small business and their achievements for years to come.

Best of luck throughout 2024 and for all your future endeavors!

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How It Started

The Australian Small Business Champion Awards originated in 1999 to recognise the achievements of outstanding small businesses from all states and territories across Australia.

Developed and managed by Precedent Productions, a small business in its own right, with 40 years' experience in managing successful awards programs, the Australian Small Business Champions Awards have grown into the flagship program recognising small business excellence throughout Australia.

In 2022, the Australian Women's Small Business Champion Awards was launched to acknowledge the women who are contributing, influencing, and leading their sectors and industries. As we look to the future, we envision 2023 to be even stronger, more vibrant, and innovative as Australia celebrates the exceptional women that make it so.

It was a privilege to be chosen as the 2023 Australian Small Business Champion Woman Icon. It is an honour to be able to showcase my achievements as a business leader in the construction industry and pave the way for younger generations and entrepreneurs. I want to express my gratitude to Steve Loe of Precedent Productions for his vision and effort to bring these businesswoman awards to life. These awards are a wonderful opportunity to celebrate woman in business, let's continue to shatter glass ceilings!

Mel Gholami, Owner - Planix Projects
2023 Small Business Champion Women Icon